A first look is a popular addition to your Asian wedding photography package and one that many of our customers like to include. In short, the first look is exactly what it sounds like – the first time the couple see one another on the wedding day, captured for posterity by the photographer.

It normally takes place immediately before the ceremony, away from all the hustle and bustle, and is a private moment between the soon-to-be-married couple. First popularised in America, this is becoming something of a new tradition at British weddings too.

Why should you consider a first look as part of your Asian wedding photography package? These are just a few of the most popular reasons:

Asian wedding first look

Amazing imagery

A first look between the couple will result in some incredible photographs, capturing the moment for all time. These can act as the perfect opener for your wedding album, showing the initial reaction as you lay eyes on one another.

Calm your nerves

The first time you see your loved one on your wedding day is going to be nerve-wracking, whether it’s as they walk down the aisle or before the ceremony begins. Being able to see them beforehand gives you the chance to quell those nerves before the wedding service begins. You get the opportunity to enjoy the moment of your first look as an event in itself, rather than a part of the larger wedding narrative.

First look


Once the ceremony is over, everybody wants to get onto the next part of your wedding celebrations, but there is much to be done by your Asian wedding photographer. Photos of the happy couple, the bridal party, and their extended families all need to be taken. With a first look photo session prior to the ceremony, we can get some great shots of the principles in your wedding party, meaning you don’t have to keep your guests waiting for the wedding reception.

Alone time

The wedding day is supposed to be all about you but, in reality, there will be dozens of people clamouring for your attention. The first look allows you a moment or two together – just the two of you (plus your photographer, of course!). Take the time to enjoy it.

Freshen up

The first look between the happy couple often results in tears from one or both of them, whether it takes place before or during the ceremony. When you have a first look photo session prior to the wedding itself, it gives you a chance to wipe away any tears, fix your make-up and take your guests’ breath away.

At Samsara Studio, we create Asian wedding photography and videography packages tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you want to include a first look or stick to something more traditional, our team can capture every special moment of your day with stunning, artistic images that you’ll treasure for years to come. Contact us today on 07773 813 812 for a free, no-obligation quote.