Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh wedding LeicesterIf you’re looking for the very best in Sikh wedding photography and videography, you’ve come to the right place. At Samsara Studios, we have our own hand-picked team of photographers with decades of experience between them. From immaculate still shots to epic, cinematic films, we will create exceptional memories of your wedding that you can cherish forever.

Professional Sikh Wedding Photography

Here at Samsara Studio, we provide Sikh wedding photography and videography for clients across the UK. Here is what you can expect from us…

A Personal Approach

We know that you have your own vision in mind for your perfect wedding and we want to make sure that we record it the way you want to remember it. Before we recommend a Sikh wedding photography package, we will sit down with you to discuss what you want from us on the day. We can then walk you through the various options available to you, until you’re happy with what we can provide.

Full Coverage Wedding Photography

Our photographers are experts at capturing the significant moments from your wedding ceremony in clean and crisp photos. From close-ups of the bride’s mehndi, chura and kalire, and the groom’s soorma and kalgi, to wide-angle shots that take in the entire wedding, the produce exceptionally sharp images. They are there at the wedding itself, as well as the celebrations that follow, delivering beautiful pictures of your special day.

Sikh wedding photographer


Sikh Wedding Videography

Of course, most brides and grooms expect more than just a photographic record of their wedding, which is why we also provide you with skilled and experienced cinematographers for your big day. Experts in the art of visual storytelling, they work alone or in pairs, ready to capture the passion, love, and emotion of both the wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebrations. Using the latest editing software, they will produce a cinematic feature film of the event, one that lets you relive those precious memories forever.

Sikh Wedding Photography Packages

Deciding on the right combination of Sikh wedding photography and cinematography can be difficult. Fortunately for our clients, we have put together a range of packages to start things off. These include a variety of film and photo options, any of which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your wedding day.

National Sikh Wedding Photographers and Videographers

From our Leicestershire studio, our team of Sikh wedding photographers and videographers travel right across the country. We provide incredible records of Asian weddings at venues all over the UK, including London, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Essex, and beyond

For the best in Sikh wedding photography and videography, contact our Creative Director, Bhavesh Patel today. Call him on 07773 813 812, or fill in the form over on our Contact page.

Sikh wedding photography