At Samsara Studio, we are experts in organising and arranging the bride, groom, and wedding party to achieve stunning images, but knowing how to pose can help elevate your Asian wedding photography to the next level.

Your dress, hair, and makeup can all be flawless on the day, but do you know to pose confidently in front of the camera? To help you prepare, here are our top tips on how to pose during your wedding photoshoot.

Seated Poses

Leaning back on a chair or bench creates a casual look that is perfect for solo photos before the wedding ceremony.The classic seated pose is an excellent opportunity for the newly married couple to capture some tender moments together, it’s also a great pose for the bride and groom to display their full wedding outfit.

Leaning back on a chair or bench creates a casual look that is perfect for solo photos before the wedding ceremony. Slightly leaning back and looking over your shoulder towards the camera will also provide a slimming look that is playful and fun.

Visually appealing elements from your wedding venue can provide the perfect seated photo opportunity. Large windows with a spectacular view or steps with decorative surroundings provide the backdrop for a contemplative photo. Sitting on a windowsill allows you to sit more naturally for a more relaxed vibe. Extending one leg towards the camera and bending the other gives the illusion of added length.

For a more elegant seated pose, focus on your posture. Straighten your spine, hold your head strong, sit towards the front of the chair, keep your knees together, and keep your arms in front of you.

Enhance Your Standing Pose

Many people are self conscious about how they look in photos, so knowing how to stand correctly can provide a flattering look that makes you feel more reassured.

Perfect your stance by practicing in the mirror. Make use of the ‘Hollywood pose’ by rotating your hips 45° away from the camera, shifting your weight to your back foot, pointing your front foot towards the camera and bending your knee slightly. This stance makes you appear thinner and enhances the overall look of your wedding dress. Finish the look by placing one hand on your hip and smile.

Capturing Your Best Side

Many of the poses in artistic wedding photography capture the bride and groom from the side. Whether it’s a romantic embrace with the happy couple gazing at each other or a pre-wedding shot capturing the full detail of the bride’s dress, it’s important to know which side is your best for images that make your feel empowered.

To determine the side you’re most happy with, ask a friend or loved one to take some shots of you beforehand; move your face to the left and right, look straight towards the camera and look slightly downwards. Review the results and decide which images you prefer. You can discuss your preferences with your wedding photographer who will be able to pose you in the best way to highlight them.


Ceremonial Traditions

Asian weddings include a variety of traditions that make for stunning photographs. Whether it’s the brides family presenting gifts to the grooms family before the ceremony, the application of Mehndi, the presentation of Chura And Kalire, or the procession of the Baraat, they all make for stunning images.

These traditions are captured as they happen, so make for more personal, meaningful, and one-off shots. Discuss with your photographer in advance whether there are any pre or post wedding ceremonies you’d like them to cover.


A Romantic Embrace

A romantic embraceA romantic embrace pose is an essential part of any wedding photography, and there are a variety of different variations to choose from. Whether the couple is facing each other or the groom stands behind the bride as they hold each other and smile, it never fails to look romantic.

It’s worth knowing that the position of hands communicates the emotions between a couple. For example, a relaxed arm and wrist signal ease and comfort, while a tighter grasp shows passion and resolve.

The Forehead Kiss

For a more romantic wedding pose, the groom kissing his wife on the forehead is a classic shot that’s a must-have for your wedding album.

It’s a beautiful moment of shared love, and it’s a perfect opportunity to capture close up pictures of the couple and the emotions they are experiencing. To look more natural in the photo, relax your face and smile as you would in real life.

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