Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and one that you will want to share the memories of with friends and family for years to come. This is why photography is such an important part of any wedding ceremony. Choosing the right Asian wedding photographer for your special day requires a bit of research on your part. These are some of the things you might want to consider:

Neha & Jason Asian wedding photography

Does your Asian wedding photographer have an online portfolio?

Asian wedding photography is a unique art form, requiring serious skill to capture the vibrancy of colour and the beauty of the ceremony. Any good Asian wedding photographer should have a large portfolio of work that shows off their capabilities.

How much experience does your Asian wedding photographer have?

Asian wedding photography is not a skill you can pick up in a couple of days. It takes years of practise to become proficient in the art.

While your photographer may be good at composition, do they have the experience to handle a large wedding with lots of activity? Can they demonstrate that they can produce beautiful shots, time after time?

Does your Asian wedding photographer have client testimonials?

While the quality of the pictures is one thing, you also need to know how your Asian wedding photographer is to work with. Honest and transparent reviews and testimonials – whether on their own site or an independent review site – is a great way to see if your photographer is a good match for you.

Sikh wedding photographerWill they meet your budget?

Every wedding has a budget and it’s important that you find an Asian wedding photographer that can meet it. Be sure to find out what is included in the price and that you set a firm maximum spending amount. A respectable photographer will be happy to confirm everything they offer for a given price, as well as any additional fees that might be incurred for extra services.

What is their timescale for the final photographs?

After the wedding, most couples cannot wait to see the images that their Asian wedding photographer has taken. Editing, composing, and printing the shots can take some time, particularly if you want them to be of a high standard. It’s worth asking your photographer just how long you can expect to wait to get the finished prints.

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