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Asian Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Asian Wedding Photography

Sikh wedding photography BirminghamSamsara Studio specialise in Asian wedding photography and cinematography. Our experienced team are experts in the art of visual storytelling, helping you create magical memories of your wedding day that will last a lifetime.

We have decades of experience capturing the majesty of Sikh, Hindu and Muslim weddings across the UK. We produce photographs of the highest quality, capturing the beauty of your wedding day forever. We also provide a cinematic film of the ceremony, from start to finish, skilfully edited by our team to tell the story of love and togetherness at the heart of every Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding Photography

We know that no two Asian weddings are alike, so we work closely with the bride, the groom and their respective families to ensure that everything goes ahead as planned. We will talk you through our approach to Asian wedding photography and videography options and discuss the most effective ways to capture all the important parts of the wedding.

Beautiful moments with loved ones

Here at Samsara Studio, we understand the special traditions and rituals that play a core role in every ceremony. Our team of skilled Asian wedding photographers ensure that everything is captured for a lifetime of memories.

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Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh weddings are a beauty to behold and have their own special rituals that form an essential part of the ceremony as a whole. Our experienced photographers know how to record all these important moments, from the baraat to the Anand Karaj, as well as the celebrations that follow.

Hindu Wedding Photography

Hindu weddings include a number of traditions, many of which may be missed by an inexperienced team. At Samsara Studio, our skilled photographers and cinematographers capture each part of the ceremony, from the arrival of the Vara Yatra to the Ashirwad. We stay for the celebrations that follow with friends and family, creating a beautiful record of your happy day.

Indian Wedding Photography & Videography Packages

We can put together the perfect Indian wedding photography and videography package just for you. Each of our packages forms a starting point for your special day and can be specially tailored to meet the specific needs of your ceremony.

Nationwide Asian Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Samsara Studio is based in Leicestershire, in the heart of the Midlands, this puts us in the ideal location to attend Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings across the UK. We provide the very best in Asian wedding photography to clients as far afield as London, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Essex, and beyond

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