Sikh Wedding Photographer in London

Sikh wedding photography London


Samsara Studios has been photographing and videoing Sikh weddings in London for decades. Our skilled and experienced team of cameramen specialise in capturing the traditions and rituals of these important, spiritual ceremonies. Between them, they create lasting memories of one of the most important days in your life.

Professional Sikh wedding photography in London

As the country’s leading Sikh wedding photographers and videographers, we have much to offer our London clients. Here is what you can expect from us…

Making your vision a reality

We are proud to have been part of many Sikh weddings in London, so we know that every couple has their own plan for the wedding and how they want it recorded. We sit down with you to discuss what you want in terms of photography and cinematography, before putting together a plan that will make it a reality.

Luxury wedding photography

Getting the perfect images at a Sikh wedding is no easy task. There is so much going on visually, as so many important parts of the ceremony to capture, that you need skill, experience, and an expert eye to get it all. Our Sikh wedding photographers possess all three of these qualities, ensuring crisp, clear, and beautiful still images of your special day.

Capture every moment with professional wedding videography

As incredible as our photographs our, the magic of a Sikh wedding needs to be caught on video to be fully appreciated. We provide Sikh wedding videographers to your London wedding whose skill with a camera is unsurpassed. They will capture the emotion, the joy, and the love of the event, covering the whole ceremony and subsequent celebrations from multiple angles. This footage is then edited to create a one-of-a-kind, artistic feature film that you can return to again and again.

Sikh Wedding Venues in London

As one of the UK’s leading Sikh wedding photographers, we work closely with many of the capital’s most prestigious venues. We know these locations well, having built up a strong relationship with them over the years we have been in business.

We work with world-renowned venues, including Searcys at The Gherkin, Alexandra Palace, the Brewery, the Connaught Hotel, One Whitehall Place, the National Maritime Museum, and more. Our extensive knowledge of these venues means we can plan and produce the perfect shot to capture each important moment of the ceremony.

One of our favourite locations is the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, in Hounslow. To see the kind of results we can get for your wedding, check out a recent shoot that we worked on.


Choose Samsara Studio for your Sikh Wedding

We are regular visitors to London, providing our first-class photography and videography services to Sikh weddings throughout the capital. Our team of cameramen apply their extensive skill and artistry to capture the perfect record of the day, wherever your wedding is held. You can depend on us to arrive early to set up beautiful shots of the occasion, delivering an incredible record of your wedding ceremony.

For the best Sikh wedding photography and videography service in London, contact our Creative Director, Bhavesh Patel today. Call him on 07773 813 812, or fill in the online form over on our Contact page.

Sikh wedding photography London