Asian Wedding Photography Leicester

Here at Samsara, we know that any Asian wedding can look beautiful. All it needs is the right people behind the camera and the right backdrop in front of it. When you arrange your Asian wedding photography in Leicester with us, the first part is already taken care of. We have decades of experience in the field, our portfolio speaks for itself.

As for the second – that can be trickier, but you are in good hands. Our photographers can make any venue look stunning in the finished pictures. We’re always happy to suggest amazing wedding locations to our prospective customers – especially ones that we have worked at in the past. That way, we already know some of the best spots and angles to try out.

Here are just two wonderful venues that clients from our hometown of Leicester might want to consider for their Asian wedding.

Keythorpe Manor

Situated on the outskirts of Leicester, Keythorpe Manor is a beautiful building that will make you and your guests glad that you chose it. It has outdoor terraces and a silk-ceiling conservatory offering a casual, yet intimate experience, particularly for a summer wedding. While the building itself is spectacular, offering numerous points of interest for fascinating wedding photographs, the real stars of the show – apart from the bride and groom, of course – are the rolling hills of Leicestershire, spread out as far as the eye can see. A remarkable backdrop for a remarkable wedding.

Winstanley House

Sikh wedding at Winstanley House, Leicester

With room for up to 450 guests, Winstanley House is a gloriously decadent place to host a wedding. By turns firmly traditional and utterly modern, its contradictory nature is part of its charm. With extensive gardens surrounding the building itself, there are ample opportunities to get some amazing shots of your big day.

To arrange the perfect Asian wedding photography in Leicester – whether at these venues, or somewhere else – give the Samsara studio team a call today on 07773 813 812. A member of our creative team will be happy to talk you through the options available, before giving you your own free, no-obligation quote.