What is the ‘Signature’ image? 

Our Signature art collection starts with the photographer’s vision in mind. Every wedding is different and we are faced with many challenges including the weather, different locations, changing light conditions and our biggest enemy of all, time! Working under these conditions, we create timeless images worthy of a place as wall art in your home. 

The Process

After we have used our expertise in lighting, composition and posing to capture an image, the image will be brought into our editing suite where it will be digitally mastered and tweaked to perfection. Below we have an example ‘signature’ image. We had torrential rain on this day and intermittent periods where the rain would stop for a few minutes before the heavens would open up again. I looked for a composition that would not only be beautiful but also provide my couple with a little shade from the rain.

A tree and leading lines from the grass made the perfect composition for what I wanted to create. You can see from the ‘before’ image we captured below, the image was shot a little under exposed on purpose in order to retain the detail from the sky which I later wanted to enhance in post production. To compensate we added an off camera flash using a reflector to light the couple as they would have been too under exposed.


The image then went through a 57 step process of toning, curve and level adjustments. Details were enhanced and brought out in the image and tonal colouring was applied to emulate the look of a sun kissed sky. The lighting assistant was removed from the image as well as the car on the right and other distractions bringing the image to a polished finish to create the signature look we are renowned for. After a good few hours spent and many coffees later we have the finished signature image below: 


We aim to provide our clients with at least one signature image that they can cherish as a special memory of their day. Many of our clients choose for this image to be showcased in their homes and this is something we can also arrange for you. Head over to our photo section to see some more of our images and get in touch with us today for availability to cover your special day.